Steven Swengel, MD

Steven Swengel MD and Associates is the newest venture for Dr. Swengel after 32 successful years in Dermatology and Mohs Surgery at Kaiser Permanente. We offer comprehensive dermatologic care in one convenient location at 800 Pollard Road, Bldg A in Los Gatos California. Your general dermatology and cosmetic dermatology needs, spa services and skin cancer detection and treatments are offered in the same building where services are provided either by Dr. Swengel or are under his direct supervision at all times. Most insurance is accepted for those conditions normally covered by insurance. Under the umbrella of Steven Swengel MD and Associates we offer cosmetic services in Refined Cosmetic Dermatology, the ‘look good- feel good’ skin care and wellness services in Refreshed Spa Therapy. The Skin Cancer Center of Silicon Valley offers dermatologic care as well as skin cancer detection and treatment in our Mohs Surgery Unit.

With such extensive training and experience we offer every patient age-appropriate, non-invasive techniques for optimal skin rejuvenation. There still is a time and place for more invasive techniques, but if we can put those off for another decade with less invasive even non-invasive treatments with minimal down time they will serve you well. We offer the technology and systems we believe in and always insist these products and treatments are safe, efficacious and provide predictable and reproducible results.


My first visit to Dr. Swengel's office today. I came in to see Sashah for a DermaSweep treatment. If you are a fan of microdermabrasion, you will love this even more. Sashah was able to customize the treatment for each type of skin on my face -- delicate around the eyes, heavier duty where needed on my forehead and nose area. She could also tell that the skin on my neck is different than my upper chest and could modify the intensity accordingly.

The second step in the process is an incredible infusion into my fresh skin with a super hydrating fluid and pure vitamin C. My skin absorbed it all and looks fantastic. The lines on my forehead and around my eyes are diminished, the dark spots are lighter and my skin looks hydrated and as smooth and soft as a baby's behind!

I went the rest of the day and then out to dinner with no makeup and got massive compliments! Sashah is a great Esthetician -- warm and professional as is everyone in the office. Thanks much for a great experience!

-Joanne A.

I was referred to Dr Swengel by a friend.

My visit was great! I was greeted by a friendly staff, and there was literally no wait at all. The Dr. saw me on time.

Dr. Swengel was honest, and gave me all the information I needed in regards to my concerns. He recommended some preventitive treatments and overall I felt well cared for and that I was in good hands with a knowledgeable Doctor.

His office offers many different treatments and procedures. His office manager gave me the grande tour of the office which was really fun!

-Joyce Bishop

After suffering from moderate to severe acne for YEARS I have seen every doctor and done every treatment. I was getting extremely tired of it all, and was referred to Dr. Swengel by Dr. Lieberman and Dr. Parikh. Dr. Swengel is the first doctor to really LISTEN to my skin needs instead of starting me on the same regiment that all doctors use for acne - trust me I know it by heart, and could probably recite it from start to finish. Instead, Dr. Swengel took into account hormones and was extremely creative in his solutions and started me on a treatment I had never heard of or done before! My living 45 minutes away makes it difficult for him to see me as much as he needs, but in the times I am able to see him he is extremely accommodating and attentive. I also had my first facial peel with him, and it had fantastic results. I have no need to search for any more dermatologists - he is the one! Other than treatment, Dr. Swengel's bedside manner is amazing - he is sincere, compassionate, and understanding and doesn't just usher you quickly out of the office to see another patient - he really takes the time you need to be seen and heard. Side note - Eric the frontdesk agent is hilarious and kind! What a fantastic team!