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Dr. Steven Swengel
Chief Dermatologist. Mohs Surgeon.

“I love what I do, and I have fun helping people feel better about their skin at any age. My favorite moments are when I hand the mirror to the client, and I see their faces light up with happiness. I treasure hearing my clients say thank you because I know I made a difference in their lives.”

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Jaeny Kim - RefinedMD

Jaeny Kim
Nurse Practitioner

“Dermatology is my passion. I love helping people keep their skin healthy, strong, and beautiful.”


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Carolyn Tongson RefinedMD

Carolyn Tongson
Nurse Practitioner

“When my patients say, I love what you have done for my skin, it makes me feel great.”


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Carlos Sandoval
Registered Nurse

“I love it when clients say, great information and I understand what you are telling me. It makes me feel great.”

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Roxana Ruano Perez RefinedMD

Dede Soekardi
Skin Angel

She loves when she can share her secrets for beautiful skin!

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Medical Assistant

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Medical Assistant

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Roxana Ruano Perez RefinedMD

Ruano Perez
Medical Assistant

“I love it when our patients say that they can’t believe how great their skin looks.”

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Roxana Ruano Perez RefinedMD

Medical Assistant

“I love that we are able to help people feel good.”

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Hannah Thieu Merrel RefinedMD

Hannah Thieu Merrel

“I love it when my clients come in and tell me how excited they are about how their skin looks. They usually say, ‘I am so happy with my results’.”

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Ania Astanboos

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Eric Kies RefinedMD

Eric Kies
Practice Administrator

“I believe the skin technologies of today can make your skin look almost 10 years younger. That is great news for many of us.”

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Jill Batterson RefinedMD

Jill Batterson
Office Manager

“I love it when patients say our team and technology transformed them and they were well taken care of.”

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Medical Receptionist

“I’m a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really wont need a lot of makeup. Beauty comes from the inside out…”

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