Eric Kies RefinedMD

Eric Kies
Practice Administrator

Eric is an alumnus of Stanford University as well as receiving his JD/MBA from Santa Clara University. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to start his own transportation business which grew to over 300 employees before its sale. Eric held leadership roles in a South Bay real estate brokerage firm assisting and leading with franchising and internal operations.

At Refined Dermatology, Eric is our expert in all aspects of the practice. He has a deep knowledge of the technology and services available to treat and improve your skin. Eric also directs the renovation of our new cosmetic dermatology wing. Eric is energetic and passionate about helping you see incredible results in your skin. You can always count on his incredible sense of humor to make you smile.

Eric’s Philosophy:

“I believe our patients should feel great about who they are and how their skin feels. I believe they should not fear aging. Jump in, take control, and experience the new technologies that can help them look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside.”