Botox and Dysport in Los Gatos, San Jose, & Bay Area

We now offer both Botox and Dysport as our neuromodulators.  These are non-surgical treatments to temporarily improve moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows, the so-called 11′s of the face which begin to occur after years of squinting, concentrating, or frowning.  The muscles in this area are called the glabellar complex.  In our youth, this action furrows the skin into those lines and the skin recovers and smooths,but as time passes, our skin becomes less elastic and those frown lines are always there even when the muscles are not contracting.  Over the years, we have learned to relax these muscles, not paralyze them.  We no longer are dosing at original levels where injections amounts literally “froze” the face.  Now, we aim for some residual motion to keep your face looking refreshed and natural without the wrinkles and creases.

For those who say, ” I will never put a toxin in my body”, think again.  There are close to 2 million injection procedures being done every year.  Botox is the number one prescribed product of its kind in the USA.  It has been FDA approved for over 10 years and consistently demonstrates lasting results for 4 months and sometimes more.  It is approved for use in 72 other countries worldwide and, of all the cosmetic procedures, it has the highest level of patient satisfaction at 95%!

All neurotoxins are biologics, or a type of purified protein.  Because Botox and Dysport are unique toxins, the dosing and formulations are different and cannot be compared on a dose basis.  If done correctly with appropriate dosing and placement, you will see very similar effects, although many patients report that Dysport sets in and muscle activity slows a day or two earlier than Botox.  Again, although the unit amount is different, the pricing remains comparable. We offer both products for those who prefer one over the other.  Treatments are quick and easy.  There is no downtime or recovery, thus frequently being called a lunchtime procedure. For those people who are interested in Botox only, we offer same day appointments, but ask that the appointment be limited to Botox injections only.  Here at Refined MD, we only use products manufactured in the USA and under the supervision and inspection of the FDA.

Use of Botox/Dysport outside of the glabellar complex is very common as well.  The practice of injecting outside the FDA approved area is called “off label” use and is frequently performed by licensed physicians.  These areas can include the forehead, crows feet, lower eyelids, bunny lines on the nose, sinewy platysmal bands on the neck, a dimply chin, a hypertrophic masseter muscle and muscles that tend to pull down the corner of the mouth.  These areas require special understanding of anatomy and a professional license that allows the injector to go “off label.”  Select your injector carefully when going off label and always question the source of the Botox when the price seems to good to be too good to be true.