The filler world is being turned upside down as new products enter the market and old ones fade away or find little niches where they still hold an advantage. The focus has definitely shifted from simply filling and smoothing lines to looking at the entire face from the perspective of volume loss. Yes, we all start losing volume in our faces with time. Fillers and collagen stimulators can really help when this time comes.




Create plumper, fuller lips, build up deeper folds and restore volume to the cheeks. Restylane®, Restylane® Lyft, JUVÉDERM® Ultra and Ultra Plus are our main plumpers. These hyaluronic acid fillers can last up to one year if placed correctly. For those of you who are interested in a softer, less dramatic yet gorgeous redefinition of lip lines, we now offer Restylane® Silk, a product Dr. Swengel has come to love.

Collagen Stimulation

Sculptra®, Bellafill®, and RADIESSE® are our Collegen Stimulators. Collagen Stimulators are used to recreate the youthful inverted triangle shape to the face. They also smoothe, fill, and improve the appearance of the thinnings skin on earlobes, the backs of hands, and even creping changes to the upper chest.

To do this, the filler world is shifting its focus from the lined areas of the face into volume replacement and “liquid face lifts.” In this situation, the fillers are placed much more deeply into the skin, at times down on bone, to recreate the volume lost over time.


It has been in use for almost a decade for tissue augmentation and collagen stimulation. The product is a component of what makes up our bones, calcium hydroxyapatite, which is suspended in a gel.

Because this is exactly what our bones are made of, it does not cause inflammation or immune reaction. It is ultimately absorbed into our body fluids.

Minimizing Lines

Belotero Balance is best for fine lines and beneath the eyes. It is designed to integrate itself into the most superficial levels of the dermis — no other filler can be injected at this level. It is often used at the same time as other, deeper products.

Central Face Volumizing

Voluma-XC is placed the deepest on the face and is intended to replace the fat pads lost on the central face as we age. It volumizes the face over bony areas and provides immediate results for those unwilling to wait for collagen stimulation. For those more budget-conscious, we use Restylane® Lyft as well.


The newest collagen stimulator is Bellafill®. This is a very unique long-term filler which contains millions of methylmethacrylate microspheres in bovine collagen. It is for use only in the melolabial lines – smile lines or laugh lines.

How does it work?

It initially gives a fill to the line/fold due to the bovine collagen. As the collagen is reabsorbed, the microspheres disperse out into the collagen. This attracts new cells (fibroblasts) which collect around the spheres and begin making new collagen. This process theoretically never stops, making Bellafill® last muhc longer than other fillers.


This is the newest filler and collagen stimulator to hit the market. Dr. Swengel feels Sculptra® is probably the best of the entire group to fill and replace what he  refer to as facial “volume loss”. Traditional dermal fillers only address wrinkles, lines, and folds; Sculptra® works differently.


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