BBL™ (Broad Band Light) technology lightens, brightens and tightens the skin without removing tissue, resulting in skin that is even-toned and luminous. Clinical studies from Stanford University show it can:

  • improve the appearance of sun-damaged and aging skin
  • remove brown spots, age spots, discoloration, broken capillaries and red skin
  • tighten skin
  • improve skin texture
  •  even out skin tone
  • actually increase activity for the “youth genes” which help with repair, recovery, elasticity, tone and luminosity
  • reduce activity of the “aging genes” that do the opposite

BBL™ literally stops the clock on skin aging!

Treatment Info

Each treatment takes 30-40 minutes, after which a healing mask is applied for some time. The standard package is 5 treatments spaced about three weeks apart, for a total of about four months. Maintenance treatments are offered for graduates of the series. For ideal results, these should be done once every six months.

During treatment, we will prep your skin, then use the appropriate filters and power settings to treat red and brown, and begin the process of tightening along the jawline and cheeks. You will experience some darkening of pigmented areas and swelling of the central face which resolves over the next couple of days. This is normal.

In addition to our standard package, we offer SilkPeel treatments with our esthetician between BBL™ treatments. This removes the superficial skin layer where the pigment resides to get your skin on its way to the new, luminous you! This package is ten visits: five BBL™ treatments by Dr. Swengel and five SilkPeel treatments by one of our estheticians.


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