Peels - Refined Dermatology


Each peel offered at Refined Dermatology benefits a specific skin type, and we can tailor your treatment to address your specific concerns. We recommend new patients to experience a minimum downtime peel for the first couple of visits, and that everyone be actively using a home care system to improve your response, recovery and maintenance times.


Our signature microdermabrasion system, ideal for treating early aging lines, pigmentation, uneven skin texture, sun damage, acne and some scarring. Using special wand tips and variable vacuum suction, we can gently lift the dead rough skin and lightly abrade the lower layer of skin. This stimulates blood flow to support new collagen formation, cleans pores and removes debris. There is no down time with this visit.


Obagi Radiance

The gentlest chemical peel we offer, using salicylic and lactic acid, plus many botanicals. It results in brighter, tighter-looking skin after just one treatment! Response to this peel is improved if you’ve been using Obagi NuDerm or Obagi CRx home care systems prior to starting the peel.


Our most popular salicylic acid peel, offered in both 20% and 30% peel strengths. This peel is unique because salicylic acid is lipophilic, meaning it is very effective on oily and acne-prone skin. It can penetrate the oily substance in the skin (sebum) the way the usual water-based salicylic acid peels cannot. It is self-limiting and stops automatically so there is no risk of over-treating! Hydrolotion is included in this Peel Kit to repair and protect your healing skin, and we also sell the full-sized bottles for those people who fall in love with the lotion.

Refined Peel

A new rejuvenating peel which uses a combination of various exfoliators, antioxidants and pigment reducers.

The Perfect Peel

The newest addition to our peels. My favorite peel, although I do not encourage people to select this one unless they have had lighter peels before and are using skin care programs at home. This peel is excellent for acne, melasma and hyperpigmentation. It will lighten and brighten your skin, reduce pore size and stimulate collagen production. This peel uses TCA, phenol, salicylic acid, vitamin C, retinoid acid, kojic acid and glutathione as active ingredients.


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