For some of us, acne doesn’t stop after puberty. The list of “causes” of acne is almost endless, so we will not go into all the details in this brief discussion. The most important focuses are:

  • treat the skin properly to keep oil production under control
  • treat the bacteria that cause acne
  • minimize and stabilize the inflammatory reaction
  • appreciate external factors which may worsen acne
  • allow the skin to come into balance over time

Traditional acne treatment will control initial outbreaks but will not be products you want to use indefinitely. Antibiotics in particular are best used for short periods of time as there is a tendency to for the acne bacteria to become resistant over time. We offer unique treatments that can be used for a lifetime and will benefit your skin for years after the acne is gone:


Removes dead skin cells and the oils which cause the inflammation. Salicylic acids are among the best products for regular exfoliation. They strip the stratum corneum to remove dead skin cells and debris, making the skin more clear. It is safe to use on all skin types, even the darker ones.

Home products exfoliate gently and effectively, but office-based treatments are also available to boost the results.

Topical Retinoids

For long-term control of acne and overall rejuvenation of the skin. It is often best to start with a milder form and work your way up to stronger products over time.

Benzoyl Peroxides

There is no bacterial resistance to this product. It is safe  to use if pregnant. It is found in countless products, but in inexpensive topicals it is formulated as crystals which remain on the surface of the skin. This causes irritation and doesn’t get down deeper where the acne bacteria live. We offer products that soothe the skin and (at 1/10,000th of the size!) can actually penetrate deep into the skin and kill the bacteria.

Diode Light Treatment

We offer therapy for inflammatory acne using the OMNILUX light system or Broad Band Light. For more aggressive light treatments, we can amplify the process using a therapy called Allumera.

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Chemical Peels

Benefit acne through aggressive exfoliation and treatment of pigmentation associated with acne.

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Scar Treatment

This is best discussed in person and in consultation with the doctor. We do offer new treatments which can improve acne scars but in all honesty will not totally remove them.

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