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There are too many products on the market, making promises that are often unfounded or anecdotal in nature. We take pride in offering products that we know will work and give you results.

We recommend you make a free consultation visit with our licensed esthetician to sit down and assess your skin type, determine your specific concerns, and agree on a treatment plan that will give you the results you deserve.

The basics of great skincare include stimulation, exfoliation, and protection.


Dr. Swengel has always been a promoter of the use of topical retinoids as one of the basic and most important foundations for healthy skin. Virtually all skin types can handle Retin-A or a retinol if the proper vehicle and concentration for your skin are chosen. Clinical evidence proves it causes increased epidermal turnover and thickness, increased collagen production, and a decrease in pigmentation and pore size.

The key to healthy skin at any age is to keep the skin turning over. Others promise to do this, but only Retin-A delivers.


Exfoliation and deep cleansing can be achieved in many systems. Our favorite system for home care is the Clarisonic Cleaning System. Skin-brightening polishes used several times a week encourage more exfoliation than cleaning alone. Office-based exfoliation can be achieved with SilkPeel, chemical peels and microlaser peels.


First and most important are sunscreens, which block the UVA/UVB rays from damaging your skin. The best sunscreens are those that contain physical sunblocks such as zinc and titanium rather than chemical sunblocks. They work by reflecting the rays off your skin and therefore leave your skin cooler when outside. Of the two, only zinc fully protects you from both rays, so “think zinc”! We have zinc sunscreen for you in our Obagi, EltaMD, RefinedMD and Jane Iredale product lines.

The second are topical antioxidants which permeate your skin and protect it from the oxidative effects of light penetrating your skin. The are many powerful antioxidants on the market, each claiming to be stronger than the others. We have serums, lotions and creams specifically chosen to be stable, active and able to penetrate your skin better than drugstore brands.


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