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Epionce® is an evidence-based professional product line sold exclusively to physicians and other licensed skin care professionals to ensure you receive a comprehensive and effective skin care program specific to your needs.

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Dysport for Men

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Fill & Finish Treatment Package

Buy 2 RADIESSE® (1.5cc each) and Receive 1 Belotero (1cc)FREE!

Fill and Finish Before/After


Fill with RADIESSE®
The Lift You Need

RADIESSE® is beneficial for immediately filling deeper wrinkles and folds and adding lift to areas experiencing volume loss for a more youthful appearance.

The Finish You Want

BELOTERO BALANCE® is an ideal choice to soften and smooth moderate-to-severe etched-in lines and wrinkles for more of a finishing touch.

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Youthful You Package

It all starts with a VISIA skin assessment where we can assess the reds, the browns, texture, pores, wrinkles, deep sun damage and select the right monthly treatments for you.  This also includes two complimentary SilkPeel Dermal infusions by our highly trained estheticians.

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Weekend Transformation Package

Weekend Transformation Package - Refined Dermatology

The market is flooded with new products and technology that make big promises to create flawless skin.

It can be very confusing. Will Rogers once said, “There is a sucker born every minute”. Dr. Swengel always will tell you to take great care and be cynical about promises that seem unreasonable.

There is technology that has stood the test of time. What has changed is our ability to combine the technologies into a series of procedures to take your skin and appearance to new levels.

The weekend transformation package offers optimal results in skin rejuvenation. Dr. Swengel uses a combination of 3 Laser Technologies and requires 3 days of downtime.

Dr. Swengel has decades of experience using these systems to deliver dramatic and long lasting results.

3 Laser treatments at once.
A topical anesthetic is applied and we treat the brown/red/discoloration of your skin.
Superficial laser peel to entire face.
Profractional/Fraxel treatment where deliver columns of laser energy deep into the skin to encourage recovery, repair and rebuilding of fresh collagen.
Your skin will be moist and show fine bleeding points.

There will be some swelling. That night and next day you will want to use cold compresses to the skin and apply ReGenica Post Laser Serum to the entire area to seal the skin and being the reparative process. Within 2 days the skin will seal, oozing stops and then the focus will be to use the Serum to keep the skin comfortable. By day 3 you should be able to return to using sunscreens and makeup as needed.

No, it will be pink and look like you have recovered from a mild sunburn.
Yes. It is essential you stay out of the sun until the skin heals.

Be sure to wear pure zinc-based sunscreen. It’s available at Refined Dermatology at a 20% discount when purchased as a package.

Once the skin has healed and is pink in color you can start all skin care products except Retin A or any topical retinoid. Sunscreens are essential and we recommend Zinc Based technology.
We offer a skin tightening session 3 weeks after the laser treatment. This is a laser treatment called Skin Tyte. This is part of the treatment package and is no additional cost.
Great skin is journey, not a destination. Skin that is being actively exfoliated, stimulated, and protected both before and after treatments will continue to show long lasting results for a year or more.
Absolutely! Great healthy skin loves to be stimulated and challenged on a regular basis.
Yes! Just remember that the more aggressive the treatment, the more downtime. Dr. Swengel and his expert staff will always strive for optimal results in the treatment based on a recovery time that works best for you.
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