What is excel HR™?

excel HR™ is the next generation premium laser hair removal technology for women and men of all skin types, even tanned skin patients, available all-year-round.

What makes excel HR™ laser hair removal different from other laser hair removal technologies?

More coverage than ever before
excel HR™ delivers consistent and sustained energy in every pulse which reduces the number of treatments required for your ideal result.

Superior patient comfort
Your comfort is improved by the continuous cooling before, during, and after each laser pulse.

True laser technology
Unlike older technologies that use low-powered energy sources like pulsed light,
excel HR™ only uses true, premium, laser sources to achieve the safest, most effective results for all skin types.

How many treatments does excel HR™ laser hair removal require?

The number of treatments you require will vary based on the the area being treated. Typically, 4-5 treatments spaced 6-8 weeks apart is recommended.

Why does laser hair removal require multiple treatments?

Laser and energy-based hair removal required multiple treatments because hair grows in different phases. Hair can take 6-12 weeks for it to grow from root to surface – this growth stage is known as the anagen stage and is the perfect time to receive laser hair removal. You know when you are due for your next treatment session when hair in the treated areas begins to grow back.

It is very important to stick with the treatment schedule Refined Cosmetic Dermatology suggests because missing a treatment could allow your hair to enter the next stage where hair begins to detach from the hair follicle which can increase the number of treatments originally required.

What areas can be treated with excel HR™ laser hair removal treatment?

Commonly requested areas include underarms, legs, bikini area, as well as men’s chest and back. Due to the superior technology, exceptional results are achieved on all skin types.

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