RefinedMD Genesis Plus

Laser treatment for the temporary increase of clear nail patients with onychomycosis, more commonly known as nail fungus.

What is Genesis Plus™?

The Genesis Plus™ procedure involves passing the laser beam over the infected nails and surrounding skin.

What is Nail Fungus?

Nail fungus, also called onychomycosis, is a common condition estimated to affect up to 10% of the population worldwide. It can cause nails to become yellow or discolored. As the infection advances, the nail can become thick, brittle, and separate from the nail bed. It can also cause pain when wearing shoes or walking.

What causes Nail Fungus?

Dermatophytes are the fungi most commonly responsible for causing this condition. They are specialized organisms that live off of keratin which is the main component of nails and skin. Everyone is at risk for infection because fungus is present everywhere in the environment.

Where do nail infections come from?

Nail infection is caused by contact with dermatophytes. Common sources of infection include swimming pools, public showers, gyms, and nail spas.

Tight fitting shoes and nail trauma can also lead to infection. Genetic susceptibility, poor health and increasing age are also factors that increase the risk of nail infection.

Symptoms of Nail Fungus

  • Discolored Nails
  • Yellow streaks under the nails
  • Distorted or thickened nails
  • Brittle, crumbly or ragged nails
  • Nails separated from the underlying skin
  • Buildup of debris (nail fragments,skin under the nails)
  • White spots or streaks on the nail surface.

What can you expect from Genesis Plus™ procedure?

The Genesis Plus™ procedure involves passing the laser beam over the infected nails and surrounding skin. Dr. Swengel and his laser team will repeat this several times until enough energy has reached your nail bed. Your nail will feel warm during the procedure.

How long with the Genesis Plus™ procedure take?

A single session takes approximately 20 minutes for 5-10 nails. Procedure times do vary.

How many sessions of Genesis Plus™ do I need?

Most of our patients show improvement after one session. The required number of sessions will vary depending how severely each nail is infected.

What to expect?

Before the procedure, it is important to remove all nail polish. During the procedure, most patients describe it as being very comfortable. You may experience a small hot pinch that goes away quickly. After the procedure, your nail may feel warm for a few minutes. Most patients can resume normal activities immediately.

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