With the power of 1064 Laser Genesis™, we can decrease redness in the face and reduce fine lines, pore size, and scarring. This quiet transformation over a series of treatments is comfortable, predictable, completely safe for all skin types, and has no down time at all!

What is Laser Genesis™?

We bathe your face with 8,000 to 10,000 points of 1064 laser energy which gently warm your skin to an even 45-46C (113-115 F). At this temperature, the small vessels of the skin reduce in size and the fibroblasts are stimulated to form new, healthy collagen.

How often can I be treated and how long does it take?

The ideal starting approach is one treatment every two weeks for six months. After that, we recommend monthly maintenance. Each face treatment lasts about half an hour, with extra time for additional areas.

Does it hurt?

The skin becomes warm but it should never hurt. If a treated area is getting too hot, you simply raise your hand and we quench the warm patch with our own hand then proceed until the required pulses are evenly delivered.

Can this be used with other treatments? How can I support the benefits of Laser Genesis™?

Laser Genesis™ can absolutely be used with other skin care treatments for additive effect. For instance, we might use BBL™ or Excel V™ for additional pigmentation concerns, micro-needling for textural issues, or Botox® and fillers, which can even be done the same day as Laser Genesis™.


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