At Refined Dermatology, we use the Cutera Excel HR™ System to remove hair anywhere on your body. Typical areas include around the mouth, lower face, armpits, backs, bikini area and legs — we’ve seen it all, so just let us know what needs to go. We can sculpt eyebrows, better define hairlines, give you a clean bikini line and even go for a full Brazilian if you dare. Men are welcome too!

We can treat all skin types and color, as long as there is no recent tanning. Hair can be fine or coarse, just as long as it has some pigment (shades of brown or black) in it. No laser works for either blond or white hair.

Pain thresholds vary a lot based on the person and the location, but our state-of-the-art sapphire superchilled cooling tips control a significant portion of the discomfort. For delicate areas, application of a numbing cream about thirty minutes before treatment can help. There will be small goosebumps surrounding each follicle after treatment that fade within an hour or so.

How many sessions are needed?

The usual range is six treatments spaced six weeks apart, since the laser energy only treats hairs that are in the active growth phase. In general, you will see a 50% reduction of hairs with each treatment. Also, in between treatments no waxing, plucking or threading! It is OK to shave or use a chemical depilatory, but the hair must be in the follicle for the energy to kill the hair follicle.


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