Get rid of unwanted tattoos and stubborn brown discoloration.

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What is QX MAX?

The most advanced laser treatment for unwanted tattoos and stubborn discoloration like birthmarks and brown spots.

How does QX MAX work?

The process of eradicating pigment in the skin is unique to nanosecond/picosecond technology. The energy that is delivered in order to break up the pigment particles using photomechanical energy rather that photothermolytic energy (which causes heat damage). QX MAX uses this photomechanical energy to effectively break up the pigment granules into small pieces.
It delivers energy so precisely that is photomechanical breakup of the tattoo particles without any heat being generated.

You can now safely treat tattoos, brown spots, and melasma with no risk of epidermal scarring.

What does it treat?

  • Tattoo Removal
  • Birthmarks and Brown Spots
  • Acne & Acne Scar Revision
  • Vascular Lesions

Does QX MAX Tattoo removal hurt?

There is no longer a heat sensation to tattoo treatment. What you do feel is the tattoo granules expanding and then breaking up. It has been compared to the same feeling of getting the tattoo. It is a strange expansion feeling. Cold air is applied to the skin so most people can tolerate a treatment.

What type of tattoos responds best to QX MAX?

All tattoos will respond but certain tattoos respond better than others.

Black, blue, grey, and red are the easiest to treat.

More superficial placement of pigment and ones, which do not show the oily, inky dark colors, are among the easier to treat.

Exotic colors like lavender, yellow, and white are the most challenging but can be lighted to the point that the “casual eye” does not see them.

How many QX MAX Treatments are necessary?

This will vary based on the depth of your tattoo, amount of pigment, and the color of the pigments. Crude “gang” tattoos often are clear within 3-6 treatments. The deeper, more exotic and colorful tattoos can take 10 or more treatments. Dr. Swengel will provide you with a more customized treatment plan during your tattoo removal consultation.

How often are QX MAX treatments?

Treatments can be done every 4- 8 weeks. Dr. Swengel likes to have the skin go through at least one full cycle of repair and replacement based on body location.

Face/Neck: Every 4 weeks
Trunk/Proximal Extremities: Every 6 weeks
Feet/Hands: Every 8 weeks.

What happens after QX MAX Tattoo removal?

There is no real breakdown or injury to the surface of the skin. The treated area will feel tender and swollen with very little crusting to the skin. Within a week, you will feel some microflaking to the skin.

What do I apply after the QX MAX Treatment?

Refined Dermatology recommends two products after treatment. Post Laser Gel that cuts down redness and a soothing emulsion that protects and keeps the skin moist.


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