What is VI Peel?

VI Peels are the next generation of chemical exfoliants. Each treatment includes a specially formulated post peel kit which is an essential component for treatment success, ensuring superior results to improve the skin.

Skin that is properly maintained through professional exfoliation treatments and appropriate home care products stays healthy, youthful, and radiant at any age.

How is the VI Peel different from other peels?

Peels of the past have emphasized “no pain, no gain” approach to skincare.

Deeper, more painful peels with extended downtime were thought to produce better results. The VI Peel is painless, yet produces dramatic, visible results in just days.

Does the VI Peel make the skin thinner?

No. By sloughing off old cells, your skin renews itself at a faster rate. Your skin actually thickens because the dermal matrix is stimulated to make more collagen and elastin.

How many VI Peels treatments are required to show visible results?

You can achieve significant repair and impart a healthy glow with one single VI Peel. It is a true restorative, painless repair of damaged skin cells resulting from UV exposure and acne. Best of all, it is an aging preventative for younger patients with no visible damage.

Does the VI Peel burn?

You can feel a slight tingling sensation for a few seconds which subsides almost immediately. The peel is applied topically, with numbing of the skin taking place after the first pass.

Is there any downtime after a VI Peel?

You may resume your normal activities immediately after the peel.


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